About Richard Downer

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I am a software engineer and AWS expert, resident in Scotland.

I have a keen interesting in technology, including retro computing (particularly the Commodore Amiga range of home computers), and hardware hacking with FPGAs, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I am a keen believer in Open Source, and I am a member of The Apache Software Foundation and I’m on the Project Management Committee of Apache Brooklyn.

I am married with a young daughter.

Professionally, I am a sort of solutions architect/operations engineer/software engineer hybrid, with a specific interest in AWS Cloud and other cloud computing topics. I work for Cloudsoft (although views expressed on this site are my own and not necessarily my employers), working on Amazon AWS replatforming and refactoring.

About the author

Richard Downer is a software engineer turned cloud solutions architect, specialising in AWS, and based in Scotland. Richard's interest in technology extends to retro computing and amateur hardware hacking with Raspberry Pi and FPGA.