Presenting Apache Brooklyn in 2015 at ApacheCon Core Europe

 13 October 2015 -  ~1 Minute Cloud Computing

Once again I had the chance to join ApacheCon Europe, this time to the new “Core” conference. Once again I was presenting on Apache Brooklyn - this time, with two talks!

First was an introduction to Apache Brooklyn:

Second was “Apache Brooklyn Hacks” - effectively 11 lightning-talks on Brooklyn features, tips, and contributions from the Brooklyn community:

In addition to my two talks, Andrew Kennedy gave a talk on Clocker:

Furthermore, we were able to announce during the conference that Apache Brooklyn is going to graduate from the Incubator! During the conference, the Incubator PMC voted to graduate Brooklyn. Our graduation resolution will be presented to the Board of Directors as soon as possible.

About the author

Richard Downer is a software engineer turned cloud solutions architect, specialising in AWS, and based in Scotland. Richard's interest in technology extends to retro computing and amateur hardware hacking with Raspberry Pi and FPGA.