All change

 1 February 2011 -  ~1 Minute Misc

Last year I changed jobs. I’m now working for a startup company specialising in cloud computing - a very exciting place to be!

Slightly unusual for a job change, I shifted from a Microsoft .NET company to a Java company. My new employer is Cloudsoft Corporation - in a future blog post I’ll talk some more about the flagship product, Monterey.

In the mean time, Cloudsoft is hiring - if you’re a talented software engineer based in the UK then you might be what we’re looking for (bonus points if you have JClouds experience!) See the company’s blog post for more details.

Last year I also got married - so it has been an eventful year. I’m hoping 2011 will be eventful too!

Happy (belated) new year!

About the author

Richard Downer is a software engineer turned cloud solutions architect, specialising in AWS, and based in Scotland. Richard's interest in technology extends to retro computing and amateur hardware hacking with Raspberry Pi and FPGA.