Richard Downer.

Software Engineer turned Cloud Architect and Devops.
Specialising in AWS and FinOps.
Commodore Amiga and other retro 80s/90s computers.
Amateur electronics, hardware and fumbling with FPGAs.

Personal website, projects and blog.

Memory in the MS-DOS era

MS-DOS memory management always was confusing for teenage me. But with the hindsight of a couple of decades, it’s actually not as difficult to understand as I first thought.

Retro Computing

Memory in the MS-DOS era
Understanding collectd and rrdtool

I recently had reason to collect metrics on a Linux server that was to be posted to an analysis service. My requirements were to collect minimum, maximum and average measurements of several key …


IPv6 and OpenWRT

Thanks to OpenWRT, I have a fully-functional IPv6 home network


Amiga 1200 adventures on Ebay

Here I restore my childhood computer back into its original glory.

Retro Computing

At work

In addition to my own site, I sometimes write posts for Cloudsoft, my employer. Here are some of the articles I've written for their blog:

Apache Brooklyn 1.0 has taken a long journey since its inception, and many people have been involved over that time. Read more

AWS recently announced a new instance class, T3. These are cost-effective instances which offer great price/performance for workloads that use moderate CPU, with the option to burst to high CPU usage whenever needed. Read more